In 2004, Joie and Hal Mahler left rewarding careers near Raleigh and relocated to Brunswick County where no In-Home companion services existed. Their combination of skills – Joie’s 25 years in nursing and education and Hal’s 20-plus years as senior buyer for medical software systems - produced a company that provided quality companion services for seniors and their families living in Brunswick County. The company grew exponentially and now serves three counties. In late 2011, the Mahlers sold Coastal Companion Care to Mike Ramsey.

Joie Mahler

Joie Graduated from Barton College with her RN and Bachelor of Science degree. She earned her Allied Health Teaching certification from North Carolina State University. Joie worked for 15 years as home health nurse and 10 years as nursing supervisor for a home care company. She taught the allied health science college prep curriculum in high school and middle school. She has also taught Nurse Aide I and II classes at the Community College level.

Hal Mahler

Hal, a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, spent six years in the US Air Force, specializing in computer systems and communication; 20 years working with Misys Health Care Systems in Health Care IT systems for home care and hospitals; and eight years as Director of Operations for Coastal Companion Care. He completed the Six Sigma Training and Certification Program, through Villanova University. Six Sigma is a business management strategy originally developed by Motorola in 1986 and popularized by Jack Welch at General Electric in 1995 and now widely used in many sectors of industry.